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All good things…

Today was my last day at Digg.  After two and a half years there, I just felt that it was the right time to move on to something new.  But I can honestly say it was the best job I've ever had.  Such a talented group of people, doing really great things.  And not only does that company know how to party, but you also get to cross paths with some interesting people and visit some cool places.

I really enjoyed the projects I was a part of during my tenure, including the Facebook Connect integration, the writable API, the upcoming OpenID support, as well as documenting all the open source work we have done.  I've learned so much there, and am grateful for the experience.  A big thanks to Joe Stump for recruiting me in the first place!

I'm looking forward to a short vacation next week, and then starting up my next job the week after that.  Starting July 14th, I'll be Lead Developer (and employee #5) at Empower Campaigns. This company was started by senior staff from Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign, and is building a really interesting software platform for use in political, non-profit, and corporate spaces.  These guys are smart, great communicators, and really want to build something meaningful.  I looked around at a handful of places (including some really enticing, established companies) before choosing this job.  But beyond the interesting technical challenges this job offers, I was struck by the opportunity to build tools that could have a real impact.  And to boot, I'll be working for my former manager at Digg, Dan Copeland, who is already putting together a great team.  I'm very excited to start!

It's not easy to decide to leave the best job you've ever had.  But to borrow the title from the final Star Trek, The Next Generation episode, "All good things..."

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