Bill Shupp Software engineer, photographer, musician, space geek


Posing in front of the Nasa countdown clock, just a few hours before Atlantis (STS-132) took off for its final mission.

Posing in front of the Nasa countdown clock, just a few hours before Atlantis (STS-132) took off for its second to last mission.


I'm a musician, software engineer, space geek, and night sky photographer, living in South San Francisco. I'm currently working for UrtheCast in San Francisco.  On this blog I write mostly about day to day things I'm working on such as software and other projects.

Technical Background

See my linkedin profile details on my tech background.


I've recently been getting serious about photography. The slideshow below contains some of my favorite shots, and links to my photography site,

Musical Background

I play drums, bass guitar, and sing a bit, too.  After receiving a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies Performance from the University of North Texas in 1995 (where I had the privilege of playing with the grammy nominated One O'Clock Lab Band  on Lab '93), I spent several years in the Dallas music scene.  There, I worked with lots of great bands, including The Deathray Davies, Stereo Rookie, and The Tomorrowpeople.   In 2002, I relocated to Los Angeles to pursue bigger opportunities, where I worked with artists such as Zack Hexum, Gemma Hayes, and The Sheers, to name a few.  In 2008, I decided to give in to my second passion, software engineering, and move up to San Francisco to pursue that full time for a while.

Though music is not my main career these days, I still try to stay active in the San Francisco music scene.  Below are some of the highlights of my musical career.

Some artists I've worked with:

T.V. soundtrack appearances

  • ABC "Men in Trees" (w/ The Sheers)
  • FOX "The O.C." (w/ Zack Hexum)
  • MTV "Road Rules" (w/ The Deathray Davies)
  • MTV "The Real World" (w/ The Deathray Davies)

T.V. Appearances


  • Bone Cootes - "Blow Out the Curses" (2013) (drums)
  • The Whitehalls - "Into the Wild" (2012) (drums, percussion, bg vox)
  • Karmacoda - "Eternal" (2011) (snare drum)
  • The Tomorrowpeople - "Bounced and Renounced" (2008) (drums, bg vox)
  • Kirk Wheeler - "Bonfires" (2007) (bass, drums, bg vox)
  • Kiyoshi Graves - "Chase" (2006) (drums)
  • The Sheers - "Goodbye World" (2006) (bass, bg vox)
  • Kirk Wheeler - "Good Company" (2005) (bass, drums, bg vox)
  • Zack Hexum - "Realistic Fantasy" (2005) (bass)
  • Zack Hexum - "The Story So Far" (2004) (bass)
  • Dane Petersen - "More Than A Day's Work" (2004) (drums)
  • Dana Niles - "End of the Beginning" (2003) (drums)
  • Brent Pierce - "Strung Out on Daisies" (2003) (drums)
  • Mike Shupp - "This Time" (2002) (bg vox)
  • I Love Math - (2002) (drums, bg vox)
  • The Deathray Davies - Day of the Ray (2002) (drums)
  • The Deathray Davies - 7" (2001) (drums)
  • The Deathray Davies - "Electrict Ornaments - an Idol Records Christmas" (2001) (drums)
  • Stereo Rookie "A Fine Place to Start" (2000) (bass, bg vox)
  • The Nourallah Brothers - (2000) (drums, bg vox)
  • Brian Kieta - (1998) (drums)
  • UNT Two O'Clock Band - (1997) (drums)
  • Fletcher - "Sign me Up" (1996) (drums, bg vox)
  • Fletcher - (1995) (drums, bg vox)
  • UNT One O'Clock Band - "50 Years: The Boxed Set" (1994) (drums)
  • UNT One O'Clock Band - "Lab '93" (1993) (drums)
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  1. Bill,
    Your blog is WAY too technical for me LOL! Did you know that even before we met I was running an online WOM consultancy? Things are doing well and we “dabble” in Digg and also find it useful to evaluate popularity of certain items. I’d love to talk sometime soon. Nothing too pressing but perhaps useful.
    I hope all is well though. Things have been good here.

  2. Hey.. where is your fantastic qmail-toaster page gone???? :((((

  3. THX!! 🙂

  4. Hey Bill- You played on my album End of the Beginning and I have to say your drum skills are amazing. Would love for you to play on some new stuff I’m working on.

  5. Were you the “Merchbox” guy?

  6. Yes! I ran that business from late 1999 until 2009.

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