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2009 Year in Review

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while, and since it's the beginning of a new year, I thought I'd start out with a list of highlights from last year.  So here's my 2009 Year in Review:

  • In the beginning of the year I officially became a manager at Digg, though I still spend a majority of my time there coding.
  • In March I became an uncle again with the birth of my brother Mike's first child, Nina Taylor Shupp.
  • April 26th I ran my first 10.6 mile race as part of the Big Sur International Marathon.  I finished in around 2 hours 40 minutes.  The course, on CA 1 along the Pacific ocean, has a lot of hills, but is amazingly beautiful.  I hope to do the full marathon next time.
  • In early May, Digg launched its Facebook Connect integration.  This was a long project which for which I led the technical implementation.  It went really well, and saw an initial increase in registrations upwards of 50%.  It was also covered on Tech Crunch.
  • Later that month I gave an internal "Brown Bag Tech Talk" on OpenID.  The slides are available here.
  • In June, Peggy and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary just before heading out for a 16 day vacation in Europe.  We visited Paris, Copenhagen, Lunde, Tallinn, Kiel, Hamburg, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, and Stockholm.
  • In July, myself and a few colleagues at Digg handed in our contribution to a forthcoming book on PHP unit testing.  The book is a case study on using PHPUnit and continuous integration by Sebastian Bergmann.  It's currently being translated into German, and should be out this year in both German and English.
  • Later that month I spoke at OSCAMP 2009 on contributing to the PEAR project (the PHP Extension and Application Repository).  The slides are available here.
  • In August, I ran for and was elected to The PEAR Group, the governing body of PEAR.
  • That same month, I played drums on a new album with The Whitehalls (formerly Heathrow), a band I've been playing with since shortly after moving up to San Francisco.  The record is almost done, and should be out soon.
  • In October I attended my first high school reunion.  It was entertaining, and I really enjoyed seeing a few people, but for the most part it was pretty much exactly what I expected.
  • We spent Thanksgiving up in Kohler, WI on lake Michigan where some of Peg's family was gathering.  One highlight of the trip was taking a segway tour of Chicago's waterfront on the way back.
  • December 1st I closed down my long running web hosting service, MerchBox, which I started back in 2000.
  • Just after that saw the release of Digg's second generation API, another long project which I led initially, and contributed a good amount to.  We also knocked out a fun reference application on a Sunday afternoon to help developers get up and running, which you can see here.
  • Also in December, The Whitehalls participated in Silicon Valley Rocks 2009, a benefit for Music in Schools Today that raised $27,000.
  • We spent Christmas and New Year's Eve back in northern Virginia, and were able to get in a fair amount of time at the Smithsonian.  I wish I had appreciated it when I lived there.
  • Closing out the month saw the acceptance into PEAR of two libraries I wrote, OpenID and Services_Digg2.


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